How Do You Treat Colon Cancer?

Cancer treatment tends to vary from one person to the next, even if they both have colon cancer. Your specific treatment plan will depend on how far your cancer has progressed, where it is located, and other factors.

Surgery is one of the most common treatments for colon cancer, especially when it is in the early stages. By getting the colon cancer surgery Port Jefferson, NY counts on for positive outcomes, you’ll be giving yourself the best shot possible at getting the cancer out of your body. Early treatment typically leads to better outcomes, as it can prevent the cancer from spreading too far. The first step to getting this life-saving treatment is to contact Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors and speak with our experienced colorectal surgeons to find out which treatment plan is best for you.

Why Choose Long Island Laparoscopic?

When you choose our team for colon cancer surgery in Port Jefferson, NY, we will start by learning all about your diagnosis, medical history, and treatment goals. If possible, our surgeons will perform a colon resection, or colectomy, to laparoscopically remove the cancerous part of your colon and sew the healthy parts back together. You will be under anesthesia while the surgeon uses three to four small incisions, rather than one large incision, to work on your colon. This method can result in a quicker recovery for you.

Give us a call today to find out if this type of surgery is right for your colon cancer.