How Does Surgery Treat Colon Cancer?

The treatment for an individual’s cancer will depend on a number of factors, including the cancer’s stage, location, and type. If you have early-stage colon cancer, your doctor will likely recommend surgery to remove the problematic tumor. By choosing to get the most dependable colon cancer surgery Smithtown, NY offers as soon as possible, you will have higher chances of eliminating all the cancer-causing cells and beginning your recovery.

To determine if this is what you need to do to treat your cancer, you need to schedule a consultation with colorectal surgeons at Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors. If they decide that surgery is your best course of action, they’ll likely do a partial colectomy. Your surgeon will take out the cancerous part of your colon and reattach the healthy parts. Removing your entire colon usually isn’t necessary to get rid of the cancer. Usually, this is only done in cases in which there are other issues with the section of your colon that does not have cancer.

Whenever possible, our surgeons will perform a laparoscopic surgery. This means they’ll make several tiny incisions and then use specific tools to perform surgery on your colon instead of making a single large incision to open up your body and access your colon. This will allow you to get back on your feet more quickly.

Choose Our Doctors for Colon Cancer Surgery in Smithtown, NY

If you have received a diagnosis of colon cancer, you need to seek treatment right away. Call Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors and learn whether you can get laparoscopic colon cancer surgery.