The Approaches for Colon Cancer Surgery

The best treatment plan for your colon cancer will depend upon a number of factors, including the location of your cancer and its stage. Your doctor will be able to determine what your best option for treatment is. For early-stage colon cancer, doctors most often choose to remove part of the colon through surgery. By seeing the top experts on colon cancer surgery St James, NY has to offer, you can start treatment early and get on the road to recovery sooner.

During surgery, the doctor will remove one-fourth to one-third of the colon to ensure that they get all of the cancerous cells. They will also take nearby lymph nodes to test and figure out if the cancer has spread. There are two common approaches for colon cancer surgery:

  • Open surgery: The surgeon uses a large abdominal incision to open the area around the colon and operate. This is the conventional approach, but it often requires a longer hospital stay.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery: The surgeon uses three to four small incisions and special tools to work on the colon. Patients typically have a quicker recovery with this type of surgery.

Consult with Long Island Laparoscopic

At Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors, our surgeons will help you figure out what type of colon cancer surgery in St James, NY you need. If possible, we will perform a colon resection to laparoscopically remove the part of your colon that is cancerous. We’ll then sew the healthy portions together again. Contact us today to discover if laparoscopic surgery is right for your colon cancer.