What Should You Expect from Colon Cancer Surgery?

Just like any surgical procedure, colon cancer surgery will require preparation as well as recovery. You’ll need to speak with the experts on colon cancer surgery Stony Brook, NY relies on most to figure out the exact surgery you need.

For any kind of colon surgery, also known as colon resection, you will need to empty your colon beforehand. This will likely involve adhering to a certain diet before the surgery as well as taking laxatives or enemas to rid your colon of stool.

The actual surgery will likely be a partial colectomy, during which the surgeon removes one-fourth to one-third of the colon and then reattach the healthy parts. This is the most common way to treat colon cancer, especially when it’s in the early stages. The surgeon also removes nearby lymph nodes and checks them to see if the cancer has spread. When done laparoscopically, the surgeon will only need to make three to four incisions rather than one large one, allowing for a quicker recovery.

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When you come to Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors, you can be sure that our surgeons will opt to do colon cancer surgery in Stony Brook, NY laparoscopically if possible. Give our team a call today to find if you can have a laparoscopic procedure to treat your colon cancer.