What Is Gastric Balloon Surgery?

The balloon works to make you feel full quicker and for longer periods of time. It may also alter the hormones that manage your appetite. Combined with lifestyle changes, a gastric balloon can have substantial long-term benefits for your health.

Types of Gastric Balloons

We perform two kinds of gastric balloon surgeries, both performed as outpatient procedures. Below, you’ll learn about each type of gastric balloon surgery Centereach, NY residents may undergo.

Orbera Balloon

The Orbera is our most sought-after gastric balloon solution. It can be placed in just 30 minutes. The patient is sedated while the doctor uses a narrow tube to travel through the throat and place the balloon in the stomach. An endoscope is then used to fill the balloon with saline.

Unlike other medical weight loss procedures, the Orbera gastric balloon is minimally-invasive. It’s a safe and convenient option for patients who need to lose between 20 and 50 pounds. The Orbera balloon stays in for six months and has proven to help patients lose up to three times more weight than if they were to rely on exercise and diet alone.

Obalon Balloon

Placement of the Obalon balloon takes about 10 minutes. The patient simply swallows a tiny capsule with the deflated Obalon balloon inside. Using a small tube, the surgeon then inflates the balloon. It’s that fast and easy!

The balloon rests on top of the stomach contents, suppressing your appetite. Two more balloons are added over time. They remain in the stomach for six months, at which time they are extracted endoscopically. Like the Orbera balloon procedure, the Obalon balloon is safe and much less invasive than other weight loss surgeries. Insertion is quick and simple, and gastric balloon surgery is proven to help people lose about 10% to 15% of their body weight in just six months.

A gastric balloon may not be not right for everyone, but it is often ideal for patients with a BMI of 30 to 40. If you’re considering gastric balloon surgery in Centereach, NY, reach out to us today.