How the Gastric Balloon Works

Maintaining a healthy diet and practicing portion control are some of the trickiest parts of losing weight. Gastric balloon surgery can help you adopt those healthy habits. The balloon is inflated in the stomach, filling you up and making you feel satiated faster. As you get used to eating less, you start forming healthier dietary habits that encourage you to maintain your weight loss in the long term.

The Procedure

We offer two types of gastric balloons, both of which can be implemented in a brief procedure between 10 and 30 minutes. The Orbera balloon is a silicone balloon filled with saline, inserted through the esophagus while the patient is under mild sedation. The Obalon balloon, on the other hand, is a swallowable balloon that is inflated with gas once it’s positioned in the stomach. A total of three Obalon balloons are placed over a three-month period. Both types of balloons are removed after six months.

The Results

Gastric balloons have a history of impressive results. Patients who undergo gastric balloon surgery tend to lose up to 3 times the amount of weight they would lose with diet and exercise alone. In fact, one study found that gastric balloon surgery in combination with behavioral coaching helped patients lose 29% of their excess weight. Of course, in order to keep the weight off, you’ll also need to engage in exercise and eat a healthy diet.

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