Clinical Director of Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors On Resolving Genetic Obesity With Adolescent Bariatric Surgery

September 23, 2022 | Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Hesham Atwa, MD, FACS, FASMBS, who is the clinical director and founder of Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors recently discussed how bariatric surgery can overcome the genetic predisposition to obesity in young people with Long Island MD News. For most adolescent and teen patients, the prescription for a healthy weight is a healthy lifestyle—with an optimal diet and activity level. However, according to Dr. Atwa, research indicates that lifestyle modifications may not be enough when the root cause of obesity is genetic. In fact, Dr. Atwa says that framing obesity as a lifestyle issue for young people can set them up for a lifetime of weight issues and that well-timed early bariatric surgery can help young patients avoid the inherent medical complications caused by obesity and increase quality-of-life in a meaningful way.