Fortunately, many insurance companies recognize the serious health threats of obesity and do cover bariatric
surgery. If you have insurance and your health benefits cover the procedure, your out-of-pocket expenses will be determined by:

  • Your deductible, co-payment amounts, and any other co-insurance amounts
  • The terms of any contracts LILD may have with your insurer
  • Other factors specific to your situation

When you have your medical consultation, we can review your insurance benefits and help explain the coverage as well as estimate any out-of-pocket costs you may incur for the surgery.

Insurance FAQs:

How do I verify my insurance coverage?

While insurance companies or policies do not cover weight-loss surgeries most will allow surgery based on specific parameters, for example, if surgery is deemed medically necessary or if you meet the national guidelines for morbid obesity.

Part of the benefit of attending our educational seminars is that we will contact your insurance provider to determine if you have coverage for our weight loss procedures. You may also contact our office and one of our insurance specialists will contact you to discuss your eligibility for surgery.

Is financing available for my out-of-pocket costs?

For all our patients, Long Island Laparoscopic Doctorssm offers payment by credit card and referral to our low cost Medloan financing company, who specialize in qualifying gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and BAND patients for a variety of loans. Whether your financing needs range from your insurance deductible to the full cost of the surgery as a self-pay patient, you will receive:

  • Free expert financing advice
  • Diverse financing terms and options
  • The ability to have surgery today and pay over time
  • When you have your medical consultation, one of our financial counselors will be able to meet with you to discuss our self-pay programs.

Paying For Surgery

Concerned about navigating the approval process with your insurance company? We are here to help.
Our insurance counselors will check you coverage and handle the approval process for you.