Free Webinar: Is Bariatric Surgery For You?

We have established one of the safest and most comprehensive surgical weight loss programs in New York. Our emphasis has been on offering treatments that are safe. The entire procedure is done through a small incision in your abdomen. Our surgeons specialize in this method because it results in shorter hospital stays, faster recoveries, smaller scars, and less pain.

The webinar is approximately 30 minutes and will help you make an informed decision on whether surgery is right for you.

  • Our doctors are highly skilled board certified and fellowship trained surgeons.
  • All our surgeries are performed at ASMBS Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence & MBSAQIP accredited hospitals.

If you prefer to attend a live seminar, you can may register for one by clicking here. A list of our upcoming live seminars can also be found on this page, below.

Our Next Event:

  • Wednesday June 10th • 6:30 – 7:30PM

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Other Future Events:

  • Wednesday June 24th • 6:30 – 7:30PM

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Overcoming My Fears of Surgery

Fear is an inevitable part of the bariatric surgery process. Fear may be the reason why you have decided to undergo bariatric surgery in the first place – fear of excess weight limiting your life and health. On the flip side, fear may be what’s holding you back from making the decision to actually undergo the procedure – fear of surgery, possible complications, will it really work? these fears are very normal, but must be managed. The most effective way to do so is by fully understanding the possible surgical outcomes and how they will affect your life. This video will help you understand that your concerns are normal for any embarking on a life changing decision and will help you understand that preparing you physiologically, & psychologically for success is part of our process and one of the main reason you will want to select our practice as you guide on your weight loss journey to better health.

You should attend one of the free weight loss surgery seminars that our office, like most bariatric surgery practices, offers on a monthly basis. Attending one of these seminars can give some perspective on obesity as a disease, as well as treatment options available. Further, it will give you more information about your suitability for bariatric surgery and details on the benefits and risks of each procedure. Our surgeons have a a stellar record of surgical success and our program is one of the safest in New York.

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