Leslie Welsch, our registered dietitian-nutritionist, with over 20 years of private practice experience, provides both bariatric nutrition and medical nutrition counseling for our patients. Leslie’s goal is to improve our patient’s health and sense of self-worth, as well as, non-judgmental, compassionate and informative counselling in areas such as:

  • Emotional eating
  • Eating on the go
  • Habitual snacking
  • Mindful eating
  • Reading labels
  • Portion control

Customized meal plans are designed to match each client’s lifestyle, food preferences and medical needs. Leslie is a member of the American Dietetic Association. She holds a master’s degree in medical biology nutrition and is both certified as a diabetes educator and nutritionist.

Nutritional Counseling for Nonsurgical Weight Loss Patients

Leslie also supports non-bariatric patients who seek non-surgical assistance with customized meal plans. Nutrition counseling is the foundation of our non-surgical weight loss program. At your first appointment, you will meet with Leslie who will get to know you as an individual, learning about your personal weight goals and reviewing your current dietary habits. Leslie will devise a program that is unique to your needs and lifestyle. Our team evaluates your medical history, nutritional status, vitals and metabolic profile and then works with you to develop a whole-foods-based, nutrient-dense meal plan that won’t leave you feeling deprived.

Talking to Leslie

Patients of Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors who have diet questions either prior to or post-surgery or prospective patients interested in non-surgical weight loss assistance with personalized meal planning may contact Leslie with their questions by calling our office or pressing the Ask A Question button below.

We are pleased to offer virtual appointments for patients who may feel more at ease meeting with Leslie from the comfort of their own home. New and current patients are welcome to take part in this service.

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