I am committed to helping bariatric patients in our program to lose excess weight & reduce their risk factor for diseases. Bariatric surgery changes people’s lives,” says Toniann. “Over my nine years while working with patient’s I successfully helped them learn how to have a lifetime commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Afterwards, it is a rewarding experience to see them full of life and off many or all medications they may have been taking.”

Toniann enjoys educating, motivating and being the cheerleader that patients want and need during their weight loss journey and after. “It gives me a fulfilling feeling to see patients transition into a happy, healthy and positive version of themselves and knowing I was a part of it and made a difference in their lives.” Toniann is also a coach for our patients on our Baritastic mobile app for our weight loss surgery patients. The app is free and can be downloaded onto a patient’s cell phone. You can track nutrition, access great online resources, track your steps and much more. If you are considering weight loss surgery and would like to learn more about our 360-degree approach to nutrition, exercise, counseling, and education please feel free to contact Toniann with your questions.


  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, CCMA