Meet Joan Vitulli

Joan Vitulli is the Bariatric Liaison here at Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors. As Joan says, “I am the first person patients come into contact with, and I’m always here to help. When patients call or come in to see me, I treat them as if they were members of my own family.”

Joan is very involved in the bariatric program and serves as the right hand to our Bariatric Coordinator, Toniann Balistreri. She loves being the “go-between” before patients are introduced to Toniann, as this helps her establish an early relationship with patients and helps them feel at home.

Joan’s dedication to our patients is universal to the team here at Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors. According to Joan, “Our doctors are the most unique doctors I’ve ever met. They are always there for our patients. They treat each patient with compassion, and are eager to answer any questions patients may have because they truly want our patients to feel comfortable.”