The Anti-Aging Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Can bariatric surgery help slow the aging process? Recent studies highlight additional benefits of the procedure, such as vibrant skin and reduced genetic signs of aging.

It’s no secret that losing weight can make you look and feel younger. The healthy, confident glow you get from exercising and eating a nutrient-rich diet can seemingly turn back the clock. But did you know that weight loss surgery can offer even more anti-aging benefits? Here’s how bariatric surgery can help you enjoy a longer, more active life.

Research Shows Weight Loss Surgery Can Reverse the Signs of Aging

Stanford University researchers have uncovered an interesting link between weight loss surgery and the genetic signs of aging. Although healthy lifestyle choices can help extend your life by strengthening your heart and lengthening your muscles, bariatric surgery has been shown to work at a genetic level.

Stanford conducted a study on women over 49 who were considered morbidly obese according to the BMI scale. On top of losing 71 percent of their excess weight, participants who had high levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) had longer telomeres at the end of the study. Telomeres, the chromosome caps that shorten as we age, actually got longer (i.e. “younger”) in study participants who underwent bariatric surgery.

The improvement wasn’t huge — only about two to three percent — but that’s enough to significantly reduce outward signs of aging. In particular, the bright eyes, vibrant skin, and greater energy that come with weight loss all help you look and feel younger.  

Bariatric Surgery Helps Patients Live Happier, Longer Lives

What can this Stanford University study teach us about weight loss surgery, aging, and longevity? The results show how the health benefits of the procedure — such as improved cardiovascular health, reduced joint pain, and the elimination of type 2 diabetes — are closely tied to anti-aging benefits.

For example, one of the primary side effects of obesity is pain and strain on weight-bearing joints like hips, ankles, and knees. In fact, each pound of excess weight puts four pounds of pressure on your knees. At the same time, the natural wear and tear on our joints as we age makes us feel older, regardless of weight. 

In this case, tackling one problem resolves the other. One particular weight loss surgery patient, Sherry, used to feel older than she was because joint pain prevented her from playing with her granddaughter. Now, after bariatric surgery, her joint pain is gone, she’s much more active, and she feels like a woman half her age. Sherry’s type 2 diabetes is also gone, and she is able to exercise regularly on a stationary bike.

You’re Only as Old as You Feel

Weight loss surgery helps you look younger by revamping your health and making you feel better physically and emotionally. Once you experience all that your new, slimmer body can do, it’ll feel natural to defy your years.

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