What Happens During Colon Cancer Surgery?

Colon cancer surgery can rid your body of cancer but it is a serious surgery that requires the proper preparation. If you have colon cancer in an early stage, it’s likely that you can treat it with the most trusted colon cancer surgery Mount Sinai, NY has to offer. However, every person’s situation is different and you will need to talk with our team at Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors. They will help you determine which type of treatment you’ll need.

If colon cancer surgery is the right option for you, your surgeon will likely perform a colectomy. In this surgery, the surgeon takes out the part of the colon that has cancer and then resew the healthy colon back together. Your surgeon can likely do this laparoscopically, meaning that they’ll make three or four small incisions. They will then use a laparoscope to work on your colon. Laparoscopic surgery typically results in a shorter recovery time while being just as effective in removing the cancerous cells as surgeries that use one large incision to open the body.

In select cases, the surgeon may choose to do a total colectomy. This surgery involved removing the entire colon. Typically, this is only done when they find another issue in the part of the colon that does not have cancer.

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Our doctors at Long Island Laparoscopic Doctors will choose to do partial colectomies laparoscopically whenever we can. Call our experienced team today to find out if this type of surgery can help you and start your road to recovery.