Life After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Posted: December 24th, 2018

Gastric bypass surgery, a type of bariatric surgery, refers to a weight loss treatment surgical procedure that is one of the most common solutions for individuals who are obese. There are many side effects of obesity which can be life-threatening, and surgery provided by a weight loss clinic can assist individuals who are obese in beginning a healthier way of life. This procedure reduces the amount of food you are able to eat and the calories absorbed by your body, resulting in weight loss. This is accomplished by stapling off portions of your stomach to make it smaller.

Recovering From Weight Loss Surgery

After this surgery, you’ll need to take small steps when introducing solid food back into your diet. Most patients must stick with pureed foods for two or three weeks and slowly add small amounts of solid food based on how they are healing and what their body allows.

After Gastric Bypass Surgery

While this surgery is incredibly helpful in aiding weight loss and healthy life changes, it is not an easy fix. After weight loss surgery, a healthy lifestyle is required of patients in order to guarantee the best possible outcome.  Adhering to the guidelines provided by your physician and a laparoscopic doctor will help you to lose weight and avoid complications of the surgery.

Doctors will provide patients with detailed information about the guidelines for their new, healthy life. Most patients should follow these suggestions:

  • at pureed foods for two to three weeks after the surgery.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food completely before swallowing. It should take a minimum of twenty minutes to eat a meal.
  • Instead of eating the typical three meals a day, eat six small meals.
  • Always stop eating as soon as you are full.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
  • Focus on eating nutrient dense meals to avoid the negative side effects of consuming too many carbs, sugars, or fats.
  • Once you have fully recovered from the surgery, introduce regular exercise into your routine.

The first three to six months after weight loss surgery will be a time of rapid weight loss. Side effects of rapid weight loss may include mood swings, achiness, dry skin, being cold frequently, fatigue, and hair loss.

When combined with proper diet and exercise, gastric bypass surgery can be the first step in leaving obesity behind and beginning a healthier, and happier, life.