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Why is Processed Food Bad for Your Health

Posted: October 27th, 2020

Nutritionists will advise you to minimize your intake of processed food, but which processed foods are considered junk food, and why are they harmful to your health? It is important to know why it is that processed food is bad for your health. What are Processed Foods? Technically, processed foods can be any food that … Continue Reading

Do I Have a Comorbid Condition?

Posted: October 22nd, 2020

Here’s everything you need to know about comorbidity, weight-related health conditions, and how weight loss surgery can help reverse them.   Your body is a complex, interconnected system. When one aspect is thrown out of equilibrium, that change can impact other aspects of your health as well or bring new issues to the surface.  For … Continue Reading

Are You at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

Posted: October 29th, 2019

Here’s how to spot the warning signs of type 2 diabetes and take control of your health. Type 2 diabetes is a chronic, potentially life-threatening condition that affects how your body processes glucose (sugar). It generally occurs in adults who have become resistant to — or do not produce enough — insulin. Insulin is important … Continue Reading

Can You Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes?

Posted: August 26th, 2019

Studies show that weight loss surgery can help manage or even eliminate the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that affects 14% of American adults, many of whom are unaware that they have the condition. It can cause eye, kidney, and nerve damage, as well as put patients at risk for heart … Continue Reading

Surgery for Diabetes

Posted: December 24th, 2018

Did You Know? Someone in the world dies from complications associated with diabetes every 10 seconds. Diabetes is one of the top ten leading causes of U.S. deaths. One out of ten health care dollars is attributed to diabetes. Diabetics have health expenditures that are 2.3 times higher than non-diabetics. Approximately 90 percent of type … Continue Reading